Lay the foundation

Use the rich library of pre-configured controls to layout your operator interface with point-and-click ease. Things3 automatically configures navigation as you work

Bind any aspect of the user interface to live data from local devices (PLC's, sensors) or from cloud content in the Azure IoT Hub

Live editing allows you to see real values as you edit, so what you see is truly what your application will look like

Automatic publishing makes your operator interface visible securely on cloud-connected devices

Differentiate your applications with smart containers

Smart containers represent a new and highly productive way of authoring Operator Interface applications

Smart containers "understand" the underlying application model, so as the application changes (or the state of the application changes) the contents of the Smart Container update automatically. A highly productive way of showing operators the information they truly need to see and deal with

Containers are as easy to configure as they are powerful:"

  • Associate smart containers with application objects that meet specific criteria (criteria include things like object types, keyword tags or object values). such as tag. For example, if your application had several Motors in it you could configure a container to display Motors that require maintenance
  • Choose a graphical representation for tags in the container based on their type
  • Define the layout for the container. Example layouts include table views, tiled views, chart views and master-detail views

Gain productivity building your own graphic library

Extend and customize the library of pre-configured graphics to meet your standards and needs. You can also create entire new Tag Types with their default graphic representation

Your custom library will be automatically version controlled and stored securely in the cloud


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