Create a model

Use the THINGS3 graphical development tools to build a model for your asset(s), effectively creating a Digital Twin for your equipment and process

Take advantage of a growing collection of pre-defined models for common assets or create your own. You can even share your models on the THINGS3 cloud for others to use

You can also import model information from existing model-aware data sources like OPCUA drivers and various databases

Connect your model to sensors, control systems or other data sources

THINGS3 can connect to your equipment over Modbus (Ethernet or Serial) or by using OPC drivers

You can also connect directly to sensors over Bluetooth Low Energy beacons

Each gateway can connect simultaneously with multiple data sources. In addition, you can choose to simulate device data to help test every aspect of your application

Synchronize your model with the cloud

Choose what parts of your model should be synchronized with the cloud, and when/how synchronization should occur

Once defined, THINGS3 will update Azure IoT Hub Reported Properties and telemetry data as needed over Ethernet, Cellular or WiFi. Separate LAN's keep cloud data separate from equipment data

Managing a fleet of Gateways is easy. With the "orchestrator" you can quickly add, remove and configure Gateways from a central location; schedule updates to groups of Gateways; monitor Gateway health and even send messages to individal Gateways or groups of Gateways


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