Filter and pre-process

Much of the sensor data captured at the edge is of limited value. Things3 Intelligent processing at the edge including data cleansing, aggregation and filtering helps manage device-to-cloud bandwidth requirements and ensure cloud analytics are operating on valid and meaningful data

In addition, many sensors and control systems deployed today were not designed to be connected directly to the Internet, so the Things3 Gateway provides a faster and more secure means of taking critical data to the cloud and feeding back optimized parameters to your equipment

Use cloud-executed analytics to tune local process parameters

Take advantage of Things3 Digital Twins to send data from the cloud to the gateway. Any analytic platform compatible with Azure IoT Hubs can effectively and easily help tune your fleet of equipment

Synchronized Digital Twin properties are ideal to download recipes and tune process parameters

Run AI and machine learning at the Edge

The changing nature of machine learning and AI workloads requires an adaptive Edge platform to support it. Applications that are highly-time sensitive, operate in environments with limited connectivity or have security requirements benefit from processing at the edge

With Things3 Machine Learning Models can be trained centrally, then downloaded to the edge where they execute locally alongside other Gateway and Operator Interface capabilities

Things3 was designed to support Azure IoT Edge, so you can build advance analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligenec that can run on the Edge with less effort


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