THINGS3 is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering that allows OEM's and Service Providers to build, deploy and manage high-impact IOT solutions quickly and affordably.

Why work with us

Easy to Setup

  • Complete solution ... Hardware, Software, Connectivity and Cloud
  • Drag and Drop development ... No code required
  • Built-in version control ... No-risk experimentation
  • Reusable solution libraries ... Speed

Easy to Scale

  • Leverages Microsoft Azure IOT for security, hyper-scale management and low latency.
  • Full lifecycle management tools for your fleet, from one device to thousands
  • Extensible ... communication protocols, analytics and visualization

Easy to Buy

  • No upfront infrastructure investments
  • Easy access to trial hardware, development tools and support for qualified customers
  • Affordable subscription model (hardware, software and cloud)

Easy to setup

Four Steps

Engineered for a 1000 step journey


Create Digital Twins in the cloud for your physical assets


Define a synchronization strategy for your Digital Twins


Create immersive, interactive visual digital experiences that provide your users with the tools they need to do their job


Define edge and cloud logic to help optimize your Things.

Depiction of ThingsCubed software and hardware


Save all your work to the cloud, version controlled and protected.


Remotely Deploy, Monitor and Optimize your solutions on THINGS3 gateways


Build reusable libraries, so applications stay consistent and become increasingly easier to build


Link your data in the cloud with a variety of analytic companies and technologies

Scalable by design

Things3 integrates tightly with the Microsoft Azure IoT platform, so you can quickly and securely navigtate the many challenges associated with taking the right data from edge to cloud and back securely and at scale.

We can provision an Azure back end for you or you can use your own. Data collected with THINGS3 is immediately available on the Azure IoT Hub and can be managed and analyzed with our tools or integrated with your own IoT analytic platform of choice.

If you are charged with delivering IoT projects so your company can achieve lower cost targets, materialize new efficiency gains and/or gain new insights we can help you, whether you are starting your exploration or scaling up.

Easy to Buy

Request a trial

We will create a secure repository for your applications and setup online credentials while you install Things3 tools on your Windows PC

Build and test your solution at no cost

Create your first application in minutes, fully connected to your equipment over a variety of protocols including Modbus, OPCUA, BACNet and CANBus or connect directly to Things3 I/O - No coding required plus we are always ready to help as needed, from online support to full-solution development

Pick your subscription

Pick the right set of features and performance for your application to determine monthly subscription costs. Most subscriptions range from $30 to $80 per gateway per month and are inclusive or hardware, software and cloud service costs.

Manage your fleet

Add or upgrade Gateways as needed and we will adjust your subscription accordingly. Need to cancel a subscription? Return your gateway or pay a small administrative fee to keep it.

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